Aktivate your South Tyrol Pass…

easily from your home

Would you like to aktivate your South Tyrol Pass for Carsharing? Then simply follow these three steps and you can already use your pass to unlock or lock our vehicles.
Please note that the travel costs will not be charged via the South Tyrol Pass.

Südtirol Pass
  1. Go to carsharing.bz.it/pass, click on “Request activation” and log in with the user name and the password of your South Tyrol Pass. If you have not yet registered your South Tyrol Pass, you can easily create an account on www.suedtirolmobil.info.
  1. After logging in, please give us permission to use your South Tyrol Pass and enter your name and your e-mail address in the fields provided.
  1. Then, the data of your pass will be sent to us so that we can activate it. Like this, you can unlocked our cars with your South Tyrol Pass.