The environmentally friendly alternative

All about electromobility

E-cars are becoming increasingly popular and to inspire even more people for the environmentally friendly alternative, we have integrated three electric cars into our fleet that are regularly used by enthusiastic “car sharers”.
Would you like to test one of our electric vehicles for the first time? Then please contact us. On your first trip, we will be happy to help you with words and deeds!
If you would like to try out this new way of mobility yourself, you will find a detailed description of the handling hereunder:

Before you start driving, the charging cable must be removed. To do this, take out the card from the slot in the glove box and hold it on the charging station so that you can remove the cable from there. Then, open the vehicle twice with the key. This allows the cable to be separated from the car and stowed in the trunk.
To start the vehicle, keep the brake pedal pressed and turn the key until “Ready” appears on the display and an audible signal sounds. Now the ride can start!
At the end of the booking, the vehicle must be connected to the charging station again. The ignition key can be removed by moving the selector lever to the “P” position. Connect then the charging cable to the vehicle at one end and to the charging station at the other end by holding the card on the display. If the operation has been successfully completed the control light on the vehicle’s power socket lights up green. Finally, place the chip and the card back into the glove box and lock the vehicle with your South Tyrol pass or your customer card.

What you should know as well

The remaining range is shown on the display. This strongly depends on factors such as speed, use of the air-conditioning system or heating as well as the slope of the road. By activating the eco mode, you can increase the range of the vehicle. In case the displayed range should not be sufficient for your needs, you can also charge the car during your booking at the designated charging stations.

How the selector lever operates

P = parking
R = reverse
N = neutral
D = drive
B = driving downhill or energy-saving mode

Average range

VW e-UP: 140 km
VW e-Golf: 160 km
Nissan Leaf e+: 350 km

Average charging duration:

Conventional charge column:
VW E-UP, VW E-Golf: 6 – 8 hours
Nissan Leaf e+: 11 hours

Fast charge column:
VW E-UP, VW E-Golf: 15 minutes (80%)
Nissan Leaf e+: 90 minutes