Advantages for private users

Carsharing for you and me

On average, most private vehicles stay unused in the garage six days a week. But you nevertheless pay for its acquisition and maintenance. Carsharing offers a much better solution. Whether you want to give up your vehicle or sometimes use a second car…

the choice to switch to Carsharing is worthwhile:

  • Bookings can be made 24 hours a day, independently and free of charge.
  • The booked cars are ready to pick up at the assigned stations 24 hours a day.
  • Maintenance and cleaning are carried out by us.
  • Each of our vehicles has its own fuel card – the fuel costs are included in the kilometer price.
  • There is no deposit required.
  • Our cars are fully insured.
  • You only pay for a car when you really need it.

Ideal also for novice drivers!

Sharing instead of buying is the motto – especially if you are only recently on the road. During the first year you can use our VW UP cars, which meet the legal requirements for novice drivers. With Carsharing you are insured as a novice driver, and that’s why a one-time surcharge of 25.00 € is due, in addition to the registration fee.

What our customers say about us…

Markus Doggi Dorfmann

Markus “Doggi” Dorfmann


“Every car has the right to be driven more often. The possibility of sharing the car is just right. The internet presence is well-aranged, the registration and cancellation professional and easy. The location of ‘my’ cars is about 50 meters away: perfect! The prices are as they are, but the idea that ‘my’ car will be used again tomorrow makes me incredibly happy. “

Alexandra Hofer

Alexandra Hofer

Theatre pedagogue and actress

Carsharing is a really good thing. I share my car, it is environmentally friendly and I can save money, because I only pay for the car when I really need it – for private and professional purposes. The offer is definitely worthwile. Thanks to the tightly timed bus and train connections in South Tyrol, Carsharing is a reasonable supplement to public transportation in our country.”