Many Advantages

For small and large companies

For many companies the own fleet represents a high fix cost. Carsharing is a competitive and environmentally friendly alternative that you can use to completely dispense with your vehicle fleet or reduce it to a minimum.

Here’s a list of a few advantages if you choose Carsharing:

  • Bookings can be made 24 hours a day, independently and free of charge.
  • The booked cars are ready to pick up at the assigned stations 24 hours a day.
  • Maintenance and cleaning are carried out by us.
  • Each of our vehicles has its own fuel card – the fuel costs are included in the kilometer price.
  • There is no deposit required.
  • Our cars are fully insured.
  • All your employees are insured during the ride.
  • The invoices are monthly issued and list all trips of every single employee; that makes the job of the accounting department easier and more rapid.
  • The invoice amount is 100 % tax deductible.
  • You only pay for a car when you really need it.

You have the choice between the following customer cards:

Personalized customer cards

Each of your employees who uses our service will receive a personalized customer card that only the registered employee can use. This customer card allows you to see all the details and information about his/her trips at the end of the month.

No-name customer cards

This card contains only the data of the company. This means that all of your employees can book and use our vehicles with the same customer card. The name of the driver can be specified during the booking process. You will then find this information on the invoice.

What our customers say about us…


Joachim Dejaco

General director STA – Südtiroler Transportstrukturen AG

“We are very lucky to have a Carsharing station near our offices. If my employees have an appointment, to which they can’t either go by bike or by public transportation, they can still reach their destination comfortably. Bookings are easy and not complicated and the use of the car by different employees is no problem thanks to a transferable corporate card.”

Irene Senfter

Irene Senfter

Director “Ökoinstitut”

Carsharing is the ideal solution for our business trips. Whenever we have out of the office appointments which are not reachable on foot, by bike or by public transportation, we use Carsharing. The online booking and the use of the cars is easy and at the end of the month we receive an invoice which has already been broken down according to employees and projects.”