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The right car for every need

Whether you are a novice driver, you are traveling as a group, want to take a trip with your family and friends or have a business appointment, you will surely find the right vehicle for your needs!


Vehicle class: Small
Lenght: 3,54 m
Luggage space: 251 l
Seats: 4
Power: 60 HP
Fuel: gasoline or as an e-car

VW Golf / VW E-Golf

Vehicle class: Compact
Lenght: 4,26 m
Luggage space: 380 l
Seats: 5
Power: 110 HP
Fuel: gasoline, diesel or as an e-car

VW Caddy

Vehicle class: Compact
Length: 4,41 m
Luggage space: 190 l
Seats: 7
Power: 102 HP
Fuel: diesel

VW Golf Variant

Vehicle class: Medium
Length: 4,56 m
Luggage space: 420 l
Seats: 5
Power: 110 HP
Fuel: gasoline

Nissan Leaf e+

Vehicle class: Small
Length: 4,49 m
Luggage space: 385 l
Seats: 5
Power: 217 HP
Fuel: electric current